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08.14.15 - Lk. 5:27-39 (Matthew - Follow Me)

Dear St. Paul Family, Gospel lesson was from Lk. 5:27-39, where we see Jesus calling Levi to Matthew. 2 Words that can or have changed our day:

  • Love you

  • Thank you

  • Pokeman Go

  • Foot Ball (I know it is 1 word, give me some leway)

  • Ice Cream

  • Lindt Chocolate

2 Words that changed Levi’s life not just day were; Follow Me. As St. Cyril said, Jesus “snatched” Levi from the workshop of sin and left all and followed Him. Jesus gave a few pictures of what it would look like to follow Him.

  1. Bridegroom – back then, weddings were 1 week long and were very joyful. In following Jesus, He gives us the picture that He is our bridegroom, not for 1 day or even a week but for our whole life. Follow Him.

  2. Garment – Jesus doesn’t want to put band-aids on us, but to give us new garments. No more patching, all new. He offers to heal us permanently, not short term solutions. Follow Him.

  3. New Instructions – each day we receive our instructions in our quiet time with Him. Follow them.

  4. Party time – Matthew invited all his friends at a dinner party so they can be exposed to Jesus. The natural reaction in following Him, is to invite others to follow Him.

Those 2 words changed a sinner to a saint. God wants to do the same to us. Let’s take these 2 words personally and see Him as our bridegroom, giving us full healing, desiring to hear and do His instructions daily and invite others to share in this life full of joy. Core Value #3 – Mission Minded Develop the mindset of mission. It is not only on overseas trip that mission is done, but each and everyday and encouragement was given to see what we like or what we are good at and get involved in something. Fr. James

Sermon 08.07.16 Lk. 20:9-19 (God is Great!)