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Week of Sept 14, 2021


St Paul’s family would like to congratulate David & Michelle Yoakim on their marriage. May God fill them with His love so that they can overflow to each other.


Basics of Orthodoxy

Wednesdays @ 7:30pm.  If you’re new to the faith or just need a refresher. Join us in person at 2500 N Talman Ave or online and feel free to invite a friend or two.


New Cornerstone Series - Adaptability  

Join us on Sunday @ 11:30 am as John Shoukry continues our series on Adaptability by talking about “Honing your faith as a skill”.

Liturgy - Feast of The Cross  

Join us on Monday Sept 27th  from 9:45-12:00pm to celebrate the great Feast of the Cross. Procession of the cross starts at 10:00am.

Marriage Prep   

Are you getting married, in a serious relationship, or need a refresher?  Learn how to prepare for a fruitful marriage with our Marital Prep Course! 3 Sessions Oct 25th - Nov 1st & 6th. Signup

Food Pantry

Coming food pantry October 9th.  Please donate a bag of groceries with THE LIST items and drop off at any of our 3 locations. Simply Sign up or make a donation.
For other inquiries contact foodpantry@stpaulchicago.com

MYPR - Midwest Young Professional Retreat 

In-person retreat for all grads and young professionals at Lake Geneva, WI. Register Here

​​General Announcements

​Latest Videos

Sermon - Outdo One Another

Cornerstone - Adaptability - Change is good, right?

Intentional Parenting - Bumping into our Kids

Bible Study - 1 Corinthians

How to - Explore Many Practical How To's in the Spiritual Life


By appointment only, please contact Fr James (773) 817-6542 for phone or video (your preference) and you can do live confessions on Saturday night during the midnight praises. 


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Weekly Schedule


Wednesday Sept 22

7:30pm Basics of Orthodoxy


Saturday Sept 25

7:30pm Vespers, Midnight Prayers & Praises


Sunday Sept 26

8:45am  Liturgy

11:00am Coffee Social

11:30am Cornerstone/Sunday School


Monday Sept 27

9:45am Feast of Cross Liturgy