Weekly Sermon Summary

The Suffering & Rest of Disciples – (11.28.21)        

Dear St. Paul family,

Sermon - The Sufferings and Rest of Disciples

Cornerstone - Relationships Matter - Joy

Dear St. Paul family,
The gospel is from Lk. 14:25-35, Jesus explaining the requirements of discipleship.
Who’s your favorite disciple? Is it Peter and his strong personality or is John as he is called the beloved and talks a lot about love or is it Thomas because his doubt increased our faith or James (maybe a priest influenced this choice).
In this passage, Jesus mentions disciples three times and mentions that we have to hate all (in other words Love God above all, not literally to hate others), bear our cross and forsake all. We also know that Jesus said that if they persecuted Him, we too will be persecuted. All the readings mention suffering and rest.

  1. Suffering

    • All the readings mention that disciples will suffer and face trials

    • No one should be surprised or alarmed

    • The suffering does not necessarily have to be pain but sacrifices I do for the sake of Christ

  2. Rest

    • Jesus invited us to rest in Him

    • To rest in Him is to take His yoke. By doing this I partner with Him to handle anything. Of course, no one said anything about a 50/50 partnership.

    • That’s why I can rejoice in this and am blessed in trials and sufferings and when I sacrifice, because I have rest in Him and I am formed by Him during those times.

Disciples will be persecuted and will suffer. The suffering can come in many forms, and a common one is to sacrifice and realize there is a cost to following Christ. But rejoice and rest in Him and in this time we are even blessed.

Fr. James