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Weekly Sermon Summary

Live Differently – Persecution 04.21.24 Jn. 9:1-4

Dear St. Paul Family,

Sermon - Live Differently - Persecution

Cornerstone - Cornerstone - 7 Words on the Cross - #7 - Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit

Explanation of the Liturgy - Explanation of the Liturgy # 69 - Liturgy of the Faithful (Commemoration #22) 


The gospel lesson was from Jn. 9:1-41, the healing of the blind man.

This year’s Lenten theme is, “Live Differently” and we will go through seven perspectives on how to do that.

This gospel’s perspective is “Persecution”. We see in several instance that the Jewish leaders persecuted the blind man, reviled him and at the end, they cast him out of the synagogue.

Persecution is no stranger to Christians. Starting with Jesus, and He Himself said if they persecuted Him, they will persecute us and if they hated Him, they will hate us. Shortly after, we still this play out with Stephen, the disciples, St. Paul and then the slew of martyrs in the church.

There is currently worldwide persecution for Christians and they are then abused, imprisoned, kidnapped, sexually abused and even killed.

What about right here in America? There is persecution, but differently.

  1. Legal Battles

  2. Social Stigma

  3. Violence and Hate Crimes

  4. Media Bias

  5. Workplace Discrimination

But how should we respond to that?

  1. Persecution will occur

    • Expect it, it will come, be ready for it

  2. Respond with love and grace

    • Do not overcome evil with evil

  3. Pray for them

    • We are to pray for our enemies

  4. Leaders

    • Pray for them and that God is impacting their leadership

    • Voice when and if appropriate in proper means

The blind man was persecuted just for proclaiming that Jesus did the miracle and he was reviled and cast out. Let us be ready and know that persecution will occur, but respond with love and grace, praying for them and praying for the leaders.

Fr. James

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