Weekly Sermon Summary

To Save the Egypt in Me (01.12.20 - Mt. 2:13-23)

Dear St. Paul Family,

Christ is born! Glorify Him.

(audio/video Save the Egypt in Me)
(some pictures of our kids' recital yesterday are enclosed)
Why Egypt? Did they want to treat Jesus to a camel ride, offer Him the best foul sandwich in the world or just enjoy a beach day at Sharm?
There are a few reasons:

  1. Fulfill the Prophesies

    • Both Isaiah and Hosea mention that Egypt will be blessed by the holy family’s visit and an altar would be set up in the midst.

  2. Preach & Teach to the Gentiles

    • All the readings mention that the message of salvation needs to reach to the world and to all the Gentiles.

  3. To Save the Egypt in Me

    • Egypt in the OT was evil, starting with the slavery for 400 years to many occurrences after that.

    • Jesus, in going to Egypt, is saying that He came to for sinners and that all should be saved.

    • He just wants Egypt to turn and live.

    • He wants us to do the same, turn and live.

    • Maybe we see ourselves as dark, not worthy, but He sees us as fair and lovely, beautiful. (read Song of Solomon 1:6,15 & 4:1,7)

Jesus could have gone anywhere in the world, but He chose Egypt. A pagan country known for evil. He wants to bless Egypt and asks only to turn and live. He wants to come to us also, and asks the same, turn and love, you are not dark, but fair.
Fr. James

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