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Product People Process - Godly Desires (03.08.20)

Dear St. Paul Family,

(audio/video Product People Process - Godly Desires)
The Gospel lesson is from Mt. 4:1-11, when Jesus was tempted.
The theme we will follow this lent is coming from a show called the “The Profit”. In the show, there is an investor who invests in struggling businesses to turn them around by using his 3 P’s: People Process Product.
This lent, we want to be “Profitable” and we will apply the 3 P’s to the weekly gospels.
Ever have weird desires? Maybe to be a superhero, like Spider-Man, spin the web, go down Michigan Ave swinging from building to building, or how about you getting the game-winning play to win the championship in sports, or ever have a desire to eat whatever you want and not get fight or immune forever against being sick. Let’s explore further on desires.
This week’s 3 P’s are:

  1. Product – Godly Desires

    • Asking God to give me the desires of my heart

  2. People – Me & Around Me

    • Search me and try me (desires of my heart)

  3. Process – Access & Delight

    • I have tried to control them and its too hard. What if I could change my desires rather than subdue them.

      1. Give Him Access – let Him into your heart and mind and ask Him to change your desires. Ask Him to allow you to have the desire for Him

      2. Delight in Him – train yourself to enjoy His presence

    • Example, maybe now my desire is to win fights and show I am right, but typically that turns out pretty ugly. How about I change my desire to have a win/win and focus more on be righteous rather than right.

The formula to be profitable is to use the great product of having godly desires, to change and transform me by trusting the process of giving Him access to my heart and desires and learning to delight in Him.

Fr. James

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