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Benefits of Light – (05.22.22 – Jn. 12:35-50)     

Dear St. Paul Family,

Sermon - Benefits of Light

Cornerstone - Stir Up the Gift - Spirit of Power

Explanation of the Liturgy -  Explanation of Liturgy #7 - Cross Circuit

Christ is risen!
Gospel is read from Jn. 12:35-50; Jesus says He is the light of the world.
Light has similar comparisons to moms:

  • Lights consists of energy: Moms are full of energy with the amount of stuff they accomplish

  • Light travels at 3 × 108 m/s: Moms can really move fast, towards sales

  • Light behaves as a wave: Moms can be tidal waves at times

  • Light changes speeds depending on the medium: Moms, boy do your moms change depending on who you are with

  • Light travels fast in a vacuum: Moms vacuum a whole house at the speed of light

Light is the topic from the gospel where Christ says that He is the light of the world and that He came as light to overcome darkness.
One of great benefits of light, namely sunlight is getting vitamin D which helps in so many things such as build our immunity and keep us away from depression.
There are other benefits of the True Light, Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word for our bodies, souls and spirits.

  1. Physically

    • We are taught that we are the temple of God, meaning we have the responsibility of taking care of our physical self

    • In 1 Tim. 4:8, St. Paul tells us that exercise is useful

    • When we take care of our bodies by eating in moderation and healthy and by exercising we glorify God in our body

    • Then we have more energy and are good witnesses

    • Scholars say that Jesus traveled about 21,500 miles in His life

  2. Mentally / Emotionally

    • Jesus came as light to give us good mental health

    • By prayer, learning, memorizing

    • His words are comforting, soothing, relaxing

    • We are then filled with joy and peace

    • We are living a life of thanksgiving, giving and forgiving

    • All these help my mental health and guard me against depression, anxiety and many phobias

  3. Spiritually

    • He provides me eternal and an abundant life

    • His words are light, meaning they guide and direct me daily

    • Light is providing heat, which is His presence and I feel His love

Light has so many benefits to us, but Jesus as the Light of the world, provides even more for my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Let us expose ourselves to the true light and move from darkness to light.

Fr. James