Weekly Sermon Summary

Stages of Doubt – (05.09.21 – Jn. 20:19-31)    


Dear St. Paul family,

Christ is risen!

Stages of Doubt
Gospel is read from Jn. 20:19:31, when Christ appeared to Thomas.
Don’t we all doubt certain things moms can. Like how they managed to rearrange super heavy furniture in a room, or managed to drive, put make up on and drink their latte all at the same time, or how about the number of things they juggle every evening. Happy Mother’s Day, even if we doubt your capabilities.
Maybe there are some things we doubt, such as:
a) Bible stories – creation, Noah’s Ark, David & Goliath…
b) God’s anger – this too makes us doubt that God is actually loving
c) Christians – we sometimes wonder if they are really any different than others
During the resurrection we see certain stages of doubt:

  1. Made Up - Impossible

    • Mary was sure someone stole Jesus’ body

    • For Him to rise seemed an impossibility

  2. Facts

    • Peter started to piece together some facts such as the linen clothes and folded napkins


  3. Encounter

    • When Jesus called Mary by her name, she felt the encounter of the Lord


  4. Commit

    • Finally, we see the devotion of Thomas and the commitment He had after He called Him Lord and God

Maybe we too have doubts, but let’s recognize we go through certain stages of it. From thinking things are totally impossible to then collecting some facts and then having a real encounter with the risen Lord and then finally I am committed to Him as my Lord and God.

Fr. James