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Weekly Sermon Summary

P.E.A.C.E. – (05.28.23 – Jn. 16-23-33)


Dear St. Paul Family,

Christ is risen and has ascended!

Sermon - P.E.A.C.E. 

Explanation of the Liturgy - Liturgy of the Faithful - Institution Narrative #3

Gospel is read from Jn. 16:23-33, where Jesus says that in Him we have peace and He has overcome the world.

Why didn’t you just ask me? Have you ever struggled with something, maybe you are looking for something or want to say something in Spanish and are struggling or you ordered a food that is not that great, and someone was there with all the answers, but all they say is, “why didn’t you ask me”?

In Jn. 16:24, Jesus says something similar when He says, “Until Now You Have Asked Nothing” Really, nothing? All these years where I thought I was asking Jesus for stuff, can it be that I haven’t really asked? What does this mean?

In this passage, Jesus refers to joy and peace several times. Two great virtues, everyone wants. Let us see how we can obtain peace, by looking at the following P.E.A.C.E. acronym.


  1. P-rayer

    • So many times, Jesus says to ask, which is prayer

    • But ask correctly, meaning in His name, meaning according to His will

    • When I am worried or anxious, ask, pray

    • Literally, ask for peace

  2. E-ucharist

    • Jesus is the king of peace

    • The eucharist invites us to abide in Him

    • If He is the king of peace and we abide in Him, then we abide in peace

    • Let us partake, in a prepared manner, on a regular basis to obtain this peace

  3. A-doration

    • All 3 Psalms expressing praising the Lord

    • This is not by accident

    • Praising, singing, worshiping God – gives us joy

    • It reminds us of who He is and His wonderful attributes (His power, love, patience, forgiveness, mercy, grace, all present and all knowing)

    • Praising the Lord gives me cheer which then gives me peace.

  4. C-conquer (fear)

    • In Jn. 16, Jesus says that He has overcome the world and in the Pauline epistle from 1 Cor. 15, Paul says we are granted victory in Him and with Him, we can triumph over our fears, giving us peace.

  5. E-mmanuel

    • That means “God with us”

    • Over and over again, God reminds us that He is with us.

    • Having the presence of God, anywhere I am, gives me peace.

Let us stand firm (1 Cor. 15:58) and rejoice even in trials (1 Pet. 1:6 – the catholic epistle) and see peace by, Prayer, the Eucharist, Adore Him, knowing in Him I can Conquer and He is Emmanuel, always with us.

Fr. James

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