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Spiritual Toolbox - Introduction (03.07.21 Mt. 6)    


Dear St. Paul family,

Sermon - Spiritual Toolbox - Introduction

Cornerstone - Slowing Down, Being Present (Transformation)

The Gospel lesson is from Mt. 6:1-18, pre-lent Sunday teaching us to give, pray and fast.
Ever try to do a job with the wrong tools? Drive a screw with a hammer and screw a nail with a hammer? Ever see a construction company use your toddler’s shovel to dig out a foundation? Would you ever use a putter to drive a golf ball and driver to putt?
This year’s theme for our Lenten sermon series is using our Spiritual Toolbox.

  1. Importance of Picking the Right Tools

    • The right tools get things done

    • They are designed for a specific purpose

    • The right tools use the right amount of effort for the job


  2. Dangers for Picking the Wrong Tools

    • Injury – I can fall into despair, anger, frustration, irritability, wasted time

    • Severity – it can be just a scratch or a deep cut


  3. Benefits of Picking the Right Tools

    • Increased efficiency (make things progress faster)

    • Makes it safer (no injuries)

    • Saves you effort (less effort, less frustration…)


 As we enter our Lenten season, let us draw from our spiritual toolbox. Let’s realize that we need to pick the right tools, and be aware if I don’t it can actually be dangerous for me and when I do pick the right tools, I then am more efficient and safer.

Fr. James

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