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There are many things about Orthodox worship that may surprise and confuse you. We want you to know, we welcome all visitors and hope you will feel comfortable asking questions at an appropriate time! We want to help by answering a few of those questions now, so you know what to expect on your visit. You may want to browse the Our Parish page including our vision and mission. Learn more about our faith and opportunities to grow by following the links on the Our Faith page.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are services?

On Sundays, Matins begins at 8:30 and the Divine Liturgy is from 9:00-11:00. Other services during the week and throughout the year range from thirty minutes to two hours. 

Is there a dress code?

There is no formal dress code for attending church services. However, Orthodox parishioners tend to be more formally dressed for services, wearing modest clothing that typically ranges from business casual to formal wear.


Can non-Orthodox receive the Holy Eucharist?

Because the Orthodox Church celebrates the Holy Eucharist as the divine mystery of Christ’s real presence, it is reserved for those members of the Orthodox Church who have prepared themselves to receive the Body & Blood of the Lord. Non-Orthodox are still invited to participate in the worship of the church and are welcome to attend all parts of the service.

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